Headbands are all over the 2011 fashion scene and for good reason. With an endless variety of colors, sizes and styles that can be found for under $10, Headbands are a one of a kind accessory. Headbands can give you and your outfit an entirely new and fashionable look or simply fix a bad hair day. Have fun with your headbands and we hope you find the perfect headband that suits your personality. All Headbands seen on Headbands.net are sold at Tanojewelry.com, our parent company and shopping website. Tano Jewelry has been in business for six years and is a leading online retailer of Fashion Jewelry and Headbands.

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Head bands

Head bands can help you eliminate bad hair days, because it is impossible for your hair to look bad when there is a fashionable headband in it attracting attention and giving you the look and sense of style and elegance. Thin metallic headbands are really hot right now, and these sparkling and glittering headbands can help you add a touch of glamor to any outfit no matter how casual or dressy. These headbands look just as good when you are wearing jean or shorts and sneakers as they do on the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere event. No matter what design and style of headbands you prefer, these fashion accessories will help you guarantee that you always look your best and are never caught under dressed or accessorized. Headbands can be plain and very simple, or they can be extravagant and elaborate, depending on your needs and preferences. Some headbands are decorated, and this can be done with shells, crystals, feathers, crystals, gems, and precious materials, depending on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay.

Celebrity Head bands

Sandra Bullock enjoys a skinny metallic headband when she goes out, and these hair pieces really accent her fabulous face and sense of style and personality. Drew Barrymore was seen wearing a skinny double headband that made her look gorgeous and allowed her to keep her hair in place all night long. Carrie Underwood was seen at an amusement park after riding a ride, and her double jelly headband kept her hair in perfect shape.

Looking fabulous and like a star is what we all dream of, and a headband can help with this. Go online and look for wholesale headband suppliers, and you will be astonished, not only by the extremely low prices but also by the thousands of designs and styles that you can find a headband in. There are so many to choose from you may experience difficulty trying to choose just one headband. Many customers end up buying several, because of the fabulous assortment carried and the low prices that will fit in any budget.

Rock a Party Right With Exotic Headbands!

Surely you have experienced getting invited into a party where you feel like you had to exert effort to look good. Maybe you are pressured because all your well-off friends will be there. Maybe there's one guy you're eyeing who you cannot wait to impress. Or maybe you just want to be at your best because you never get to dress up like that everyday anyway. So for those reasons and more, you are willing to go the extra mile and try a few "exotic" headband ideas.

Now we have a few suggestions here. But keep this in your mind: these ideas are not for the faint hearted. They are only for the ones who are up for new innovations in fashion and for those who are willing to take risks in the name of looking good. And so we present to you: exotic headbands.

They say that first impressions last. And if you want to make it right at the first glance, you have to do well with how your face looks. A lot of men find earrings and necklaces especially beautiful, but that's because they are the first ones that they see adorned on the women who they find beautiful, and they become even more beautiful with those shining pieces complimenting their bright smiles and the way their eyes twinkle under the candle light. However, in a party where spending for diamonds and rubies are not in your game plan, you can just spend for great looking headbands.

Headbands are great because not only do they (generally) come cheaper than real silver/gold/crystal jewelry but because they can be bolder. Who do you think can command more attention, given that both of them have the same features and wore their accents well: the one with the peacock feathers on her head or the one with dainty diamonds on her ears? Now before you become all excited in becoming the belle of the ball, here's some getting to know on the pieces we're betting our money on.

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Bow Headbands

Bow headbands are one of the most adventurous headbands because bows hold a feminine charm that's both sassy and childish. Bows are cute but at the same time alluring, as it connotes something that needs to be unwrapped and unraveled. Bows on dresses are pretty enough, so how about bows on your head? During ordinary days, bow headbands are cute and may be wearable everyday as long as they're of negligible size. Bow headbands for school was even made famous by a modern fashion icon, Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf. They're best for girls who want to exude the preppy charm. For additional oomph, you can add crystals on your bow headbands or get them in regal textures like satin or silk. They look best with sexy footwear.

Feather Headbands

For girls who are ready to become instant head turners, feather headbands on their halo territory is one great fashion stunt. Feathers headbands instantly expand the area that your head covers so if you look good, then you will really be difficult to ignore... let alone forget. Feather headbands are advised for girls who want to simply accentuate a rather bland outfit. If your dress is heavily detailed, we do not advise that you wear feather headbands. But if your dress is just simple and with minimal detail and it needs something loud for it to stand out, feather headbands in complimentary colors will surely do your look justice. Pair with an equally pretty hand bag.

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Other Tips for Wearing Exotic Headbands

For bow headbands, bold eye make up is okay, or lip make up. Do not do both, and keep your cheeks neutral or with a little hint of blush only. Since your "head dress" is already loud, don't tip the balance over and make do with a less fierce face. For feather headbands, you can compliment them with a little daring make up, like stick-on crystals by the eyelids or sparkling mascara. But just keep the blush quiet and the lips just enough to look healthy.

Hair-up is great for those who wear feather headbands because the feathers have the same texture of the hair. Besides, if you let down your hair, your head will just look "bulky". You get the point. Hair-down, on the other hand, looks great with bow headbands, and here's the kicker: it doesn't matter if your hair is wavy, curly or straight. Bow headbands look just like the ones that you use to keep something off (like a bow tie in general) while feather headbands are more "in your face" that's why hair-up is preferred for the latter.

Since both head bands (bow headbands and feather headbands) are quite daring and risky to pull off, do not wear loud pieces when you're not sure of it. If you can, ask the opinion of your trusted friends or someone who has a good taste in fashion. If you're in doubt, don't do it. Instead, make do with classics that always work-thin headbands with crystals, headbands in layers or headbands which have similar material as jewelry (gold or silver). This also goes for the other accessories that you wear with it. Remember that you will wear it on your head. That's a place where people will surely see. If you already make a bad impression there, you'll have a hard time coping for that when the evidence is as glaring as a bright headpiece.

By now, you must already be itching to try on a chic exotic headpiece such as feather headbands that advertise a royal mardi gras or bow headbands which will look charming on your equally angelic face. Just remember to not overdo the fashion statement and that you must be comfortable wearing it. No matter how pretty it looks, if it's too expensive, too tight, not right for your skin or hair color or the material itches, just ditch the idea. You don't need to suffer to be beautiful.

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